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Brad Reifler is the owner of this 145-acre property in Millbrook, N.Y known as Sky Blue Farm. Mr. Reifler said the name is derived from a saying he tells his children: 'In life there's always gray, so find the patch of blue'.


Price:$23,000,000  Location: Millbrook, NY   Type of Home: Detached Home

This 145-acre property in Millbrook, N.Y has facilities for a host of recreational activities, including an ice skating rink, riding ring, shooting range and motorcross track.
Mr. Reifler, the founder and chief executive of Forefront Capital, an asset management firm, purchased the sprawling property in 2000 for $6.2 million, according to public records. Mr. Reifler said he was attracted to the architectural details of the house and its craftsmanship.
The three-level main house, measures 13,100 square feet. There are 15 rooms and six fireplaces.
Mr. Reifler said he put about $8 million into the Dutchess County estate, which included an upgrade to the property's recreational activities. Mr. Reifler said he had never shot a gun before building the range.
Mr. Reifler said he wanted to create a place for his family to enjoy and a destination for friends wanting to leave New York City to visit. The property features a tennis court and a basketball court, as well as a motorcross track.
The ice skating rink, can be used nine months out the year. 'We made it like a mini Central Park rink' said the owner. 'We have music and lights so you can skate at night'. The indoor riding ring,spans 20,000 square feet. There's also an outdoor ring.