Wing’s Castle

A real live castle in America? Not to mention one that is just 75-miles north of New York City? The Wing’s Castle in Millbrook, NY does not disappoint as it opens its doors for both day-trippers on their way to the adjacent Millbrook Winery as well as to those who want to sleep in its marvelous albeit a bit eccentric accommodations. Well, not strange for those who lived in the 15th century in Europe, explains Bradley Reifler.

Wing’s Castle needs to be seen to be believed (and it has been featured in Extreme Homeson the HGTV channel as well as numerous fashion shoots according to its website) for its somewhat haunting yet quaint architecture. The building of the castle began over 40 years ago by artists Peter and Toni Ann Wing back after Peter came back from Vietnam. The castle has become one of the largest and open-ended art projects in the US for the Wings and sometimes guests will have a chance to glance at Peter who still works on his beloved castle almost daily.

Think fairy tale castle, European castle and everything about a castle in your Gestalt and that is sort of what you will see. Visitors will be treated the Wing Castle’s twisty, windy, stony gray architecture – complete with pointy turrets and twisty walk-ways. Its gray stones create a mood of both mystery and humor, says Bradley Reifler.

In addition to its fabulous albeit strange architecture, inside there is a museum of antique memorabilia collectibles. The Wing’s Castle also offers a number of overnight accommodations including a bed and breakfast experience (which just opened in 2011) in a European-like setting. Stone floors, heavy wooden doors and stain glass windows open up to glorious views of the Hudson River. In addition, there is also the Tower Room that has its own private bath and includes a continental breakfast plus a tour of the Wing’s Castle.

For those who wish to say they have stayed in a “cottage” can do so in the Wing’s Castle Cottage – across the road from the castle. The cottage is complete with living rooms and all the amenities of a luxurious home plus the “fairy tale” like experience the décor provides. Think Hansel and Gretel minus the candy and the evil witch.

And of course, what castle would be complete without a dungeon? Fortunately for paying guests, the Wing’s Castle dungeon has all the trappings of highly rated hotel versus the torturous experience people once had to endure in days long gone, quips Bradley Reifler.

For more information, you can go to the Wing’s Castle website at To reserve rooms or the cottage, you will need to call 845-677-9085 – room reservations MUST be done via phone and cancellations are strictly adhered to and require a ten-day notice. Rates vary depending on time of year.